Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Intriguing Weezer/Beach Boys similarities

While surfin' around on the net for Weezer's Pinkerton mp3s album, I came across this peculiar information about them.

Weezer - Blue Album

Beach Boys - Do It Again

... Karl Koch, 22 January 2002, explaining the Beach Boys inspiration for the Blue Album cover: "...when the Blue Album was being recorded, there was a lot of brainstorming going on as to what this record would look like . . . Rivers dug out a cassette. . . a cheapo Best of Beach Boys collection called WeezerBeach BoysDo It Again . . . the cover was really cool in its own rather hokey way, featuring the Beach Boys smiling for the camera, standing in a line of sorts, with a soothing blue background. Rivers said we had to acheive this effect on our cover, and so the idea of lining the guys up in striped shirts in front of a blue background took form...

... Pet Sounds was released in 1966, Pinkerton in 1996. Both albums were not commercially successful and dismissed by fans of the bands' earlier works. After many years, both albums have grown in stature to the point where they're considered each band's best album. And both titles are 9 letters long and start with "P" (submitted by "Gregg") Editor's additions: both albums have Japanese women on the back covers; both albums have pictures of their respective leaders at the piano, despite the fact that it's not their primary instrument -- Brian on the back cover and Rivers in the booklet ...

... Cuomo and Wilson both have physical defects on the right sides of their bodies: Brian, with his near-deafness in one ear, and Rivers with his shorter leg that required breaking and resetting ...

Let Me Know The Truth via Matt Brundage

* I think Pinkerton is their best album ever.


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