Monday, August 13, 2007

Big Brother

If you've ever wondered why KL has so many cameras - some of them are so insidiously hidden, they almost look like the street lamp heads themselves... until you look oh ever so closer - it's because they all feed into the Integrated Traffic Information System (ITIS). Part of the Kuala Lumpur Structural Plan for 2020, ITIS is supposed to be the KL City Hall's attempt at making traffic in this burgeoning city of 3 million that little bit better.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Mostly because in KL if you want to go from Point A (say, Damansara Utama) to Point B (say, KLCC), there are only so many roads to take. Chances are, on a Friday afternoon (or any other afternoon/evening, for that matter), almost all of the major roads are going to be clogged. The only alternative is to not be in the city, yet what kind of alternative is that, actually?

But do check it out, anyways. One step closer to being transparent about how the city's run, I suppose, although ITIS should make available the images from all their cameras. (Check out the Archive to read the previous KL Mayor's thoughts on cameras and crime - ha!)

If you happened to be at your desktop, and want to see just how bad the KL traffic is going to be, check out the Traffic Info page.

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