Sunday, August 12, 2007

patriotism of a very high order

Recently there's been much kerfuffle in the Malaysian press over a certain Malaysian student, currently in taiwan, and his re-interpretation of the Malaysian national anthem, Negaraku (literally My Country).

Much mudslinging and arm-wrangling abound, as Malaysia comes closer to celebrating its 50th year of independence (but not formation; Malaysia was officially formed on 16 September 1963, which makes Malaysia 44 this year). There have been calls for NameWee, the monicker used by the man behind this video, to be arrested and charged for making fun of the national anthem. I mean, wtf guys?! Chill...

But I feel this music video is quite apt, a remarkably candid and honest pastiche of reflections on a Malaysia that is increasingly going I'm not sure where.

Also check out this entry on the history of the Negaraku by the swashbuckling Isham Rais, to contextualize some of this (in BM).

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